U-Bolts & Enclosure Straps

Trampoline Sleeves - GREEN

Jump Free Enclosure Pole Trampoline Sleeves Green. These sleeves slide over the pole and foam to protect your foam poles from the weather.

Blends into the background and creates a tidy, green yard.

$45.00   $45.00 Add to Cart Shipping: $8.00  FREE!

U-Bolts (Set of 16 - 2 per leg)

Set of 16 (2 per leg needed)

$89.00 Add to Cart Shipping: $15.00  FREE!

Enclosure Straps (set of 16)

16 black replacement straps used to attach the enclosure net to the poles or arches of the enclosure. 

$49.00 Add to Cart Shipping: $19.00  FREE!