Proline 14’ Inground Platinum

Not instock till Sept 2020

Proline 14’ Inground Platinum

Pro-Line has been Europe’s largest selling premium trampoline since it was introduced over fifteen years ago.  In less than a year Pro-Line’s In-Ground Trampoline has become the highest selling in-ground trampoline ever manufactured.

Pro-Line’s design makes its soil removal minimal enough to be accomplished by the ordinary homeowner with or without professional help.

Pro-Line used its high quality components with its unique in-ground design and dramatic colors to provide the homeowner with the ultimate backyard garden trampoline.

Pro-Line Trampolines introduce a great new phase in the backyard recreation revolution that began over 25 years ago. As trampoline sales rapidly grew, parent's fear of their children falling off high above ground trampolines led to wide use of safety enclosures. Since the new Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline is just a step above the lawn, instead of 3-feet above ground, a safety enclosure is no longer required. In addition, the Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline design requires minimal soil removal, making it easy for home owners to install with or without the use of professionals.

Excavation Requirements:

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