Arena Soccer

Arena Soccer an excellent tool for soccer developement. Typical soccer training requires a lot of running after the ball. At times causing the loss of the ball in neighbours' yards, forests or even having the ball roll dangerously onto the road. With the Arena Soccer system, the ball stays within the enclosed space. This allows for more time/touches with the ball. A real effective soccer training tool. Arena Soccer also causes the user to practice "tight quarters" footwork that is so important for one-on-one battles in an actual soccer game. It also develops shot accuracy and quick "pass and shoot" plays. Finally, Arena Soccer is a whole lot of Fun! Watch your kids create new games to play as they play 3 on 1, 2 on 2, or every man for himself. Arena Soccer is also great for T-Ball and other ball based games. See product specifications below.

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Additional Info

Dimensions: 14’ diameter, 6’3” tall Frame: 1-inch galvanized steel tubing frame with easy-connect button couplings Net & Poles: Sturdy net. Foam pole wraps. Same kind used in trampoline enclosures. Weight:130 lbs.

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